Incompetent Business Practices of NorthAmerican Van Lines and C & D Moving and Storage Co, Danbury CT:

Complaint & Cease and Desist on Insurance Claim rejection.


Recommendation: DO NOT USE North American Van Lines for your move!



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To:        NorthAmerican Moving Services (

            PO Box 988 Fort Wayne, IN 46801-0988



C & D Moving and Storage Co (

Danbury CT





Conc.: LCH415

          File 063-0148-6


Dear Sir or Madam,

We have received your letter of claim rejection dated March 11, 2004 where you re-iterate your rejection on the ground that no additional information was provided.


We disagree with that decision and regret that you obstinate in denying your obvious malpractice and incompetence.


As we have by now well documented, and I do not believe that you are contesting, your driver and moving crew did not give us the opportunity to check the items at unload:

·         Multiple people bringing boxes in at the same time and requiring to know where to put them

·         Refusal to open the boxes or unpack – deferring to another crew

·         Statement made by the driver that this was the whole shipment

·         Statement made by the driver that any problem would be handled later – including deferral to another crew that never performed its task

·         Statement made by the driver that there was no time to add additional processes.

·         Clear lack of communication between your services.

Pursuing this way, you are endorsing this practice as appropriate and no-fault for your company!


On this basis, we can only characterize this situation as a clear demonstration of malpractice, false advertisement, incompetence and irresponsibility. You have breached several terms our contract in terms of nature of the service provided, how the services were provided, etc…


We therefore inform you that we will legally pursue this matter, naming NorthAmerican Van Lines and C&D Moving and Storage. We are exploring with our counsel the best way to proceed; especially as the repeated breaches of contract allow to at least question to what extent any other clause would still be valid.


In that context, we are evaluating the arbitration option that you evoke and mentioned in you letter dated March 11, 2004.  In that letter you referred to an enclosed booklet where the process would be outlined. No booklet was included with the letter. Could you forward us the booklet afore mentioned as soon as possible?


Once again, we are very disappointed that your company persisted with this approach; especially considering the very reasonable claim that we made compared to the terrible service that you provided and breaches of contract. I can only again suggest that you reconsider and accept your responsibility

You have now demonstrated that this is not an isolated incident, or should I say streak of incidents, but rather a company endorsed practice. This is very regrettable and unacceptable. I am sure that you will understand that we will especially focus on preventing you to continue with such practice and therefore seek maximum coverage and publicity around this matter.


We are, probably naively, still hoping that you will live up to you responsibilities and reputation.





CC:     Better Business Bureau (Alameda County CA, Danbury CT & Indiana)

          Planet Feedback

          State Attorney General (CA, CT and IN)  


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This information is posted in order to warn consumers of the business practices of NorthAmerican Van Lines and C & D Moving and Storage Co, Danbury CT. It does not serve any other purpose. 


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