Mission statement - aims at enabling secure end-to-end mobile access to personal and corporate e-mail, PIM and other business critical data.

Push Project Description is a private startup project to allow mobilization of enterprise e-mail, PIM and databases.

In a first phase, the focuses on: is currently seeking funding. If you are interested or want to get more details on the project or members of the founding team, please contact: You can also call +1-203-512-8928.

We also welcome inquiries by enterprises or operators interested to participate in early pilots. Please contact You can also call +1-203-512-8928.


Activities related to and its projects are not publicly discussed beyond the present document. This document is not intended for publication; but solely to provide a high level overview of's projects. It should not be linked or referred to as it may expire and be removed at any time without other notice.

Project plans and any related commitments depend on securing the necessary funds to support its business plan. Until appropriately launched, no other public (including web) information will be made available on

If you want to be informed when will publicly launch its activities, please send e-mail to You can also call +1-203-512-8928.