Stéphane H. Maes




·        Personal contact details:

o       Address: California, USA (Silicon Valley/ Bay Area)

o       E-mail: stephane_maes @  [Remove Space]

o       Cell: +1-(203)-three hundred-7786

o       Fax: +1-(510)-991-1 seven 53

o       Home Page:


·        Professional contact details:

Dr. Stéphane H. Maes, PhD

CTO and Chief Architect, CTO & Distinguished Technologist, Cloud & IT Operation Management (ITOM), Micro Focus

E-mail: stephane.maes @  [Remove Space]

Ph: +1-(203)-three hundred-7786 (Best for all contacts); Fax: +1-(510)-991-1 seven 53


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·        Real Time contact details:


    - sh  maes (Skype, Twitter) [Remove Space],

    - stephane.maes @ (Google Talk) [Remove Space]

Skype In: +1-(510)-4five5-4293

Mobile Fax (eFax): +1-510-991-1seven53

What's App: +1-(203)-three hundred-7786

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·        Resume:

o   CV: PDF

o   Resume: PDF

o   LinkedIn (Usually with latest significant updates)

o   An informal introductory Bio can be found here